"Henry V"
By William Shakespeare

Director: Baron Lorcan Dracontius, OP
Assistant Director: Wormwood

Dr Henry Best: Chorus
Accolon Shadowhawk: King Henry V
Alexander of York: Exeter, Soldier
Lucas Abernathy Clarence: Dauphin, York, Soldier
Ana Xlmenez de Hume: Gloucester, Attendant
Dunstan Bramblette: Bedford, Bourbon, Attendant, Soldier
Don Orlando Sforza Fluellen Huntingdon: Attendant, Soldier
Daniel of BMDL: Gower, Messenger, Westmorland, Soldier
Baron (Fum) Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg: Canterbury, Erpingham, Nym, French Lord, Soldier
THL Cetach Fitzgibbon: Ely, French King, Grandpre, Jamy, Soldier
Kiriena Kirova dech' Rysenkova (Cat R. Kenney): MacMorris, Pistol, Soldier
Jayme Hume of Berwyk: Bardolf, Burgandy, Herald, Lord, Prisoner, Salisbury, Soldier
Lord Jotun-Eirikr Bjarnason: Cambridge, Constable, Ambassador, Williams, Citizen, French Lord, Soldier
Percivale de Pomphret: Bates, Berry, Citizen, Ambassador, French Lord, French Soldier, Orleans, Scroop, Soldier
Lorin of the Dual Masque: Britain, Court, Governor, Grey, Rambures, Warwick, Soldier
Lady Charis Accipiter: Katherine, Soldier
Renata l'rouge: Alice, Attendant
Tyzes "Zsof" Sofia: Hostess, Queen Isabel, Attendant, Soldier, Prisoner
Roland Gisborne: Boy, Prisoner
Lorcan Dracontius: Montjoy
Jana by the Way: Attendant, Soldier
Johannes von Narrenstein, OL: Attendant, Soldier
Margaret of Windmaster's Hill: Attendant, Soldier
Lady Calyvorri Ine Kill: Attendant, Soldier
Lord Erec le Clair: Attendant, Soldier
Lady Morgana verch Willim Blethwyn of Ironwolf: Attendant, Soldier
Lord Tarmach Yehuda al_Khazar: Attendant, Soldier
Maeve of Mudlety: Attendant, Soldier

Pennsic Production Manager: Lady Maire ni Sheaghdha
Music Director: Lord Tristan le Chanticler de Champaigne
Technical Director: Lord Bryan Mac Dhungaill an Boghadair
Costume Coordinator/Specialty Costumes: Baroness Genevieve de'Charbonneau
Prop Mistress: Lady Carowyn Silveroak
Lighting: Lady Chyldeluve de Norfolk
Weapons Choreography: Don Orlando Sforza
On Stage Banner: Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar
Stage Hands: Lord Riocard Docair 
French Tutor: Lady Magalie Belanger
Playbill: Máistreás Shannon Gallowglass