"Canterbury Tales" from Geoffrey Chaucer
Pennsic 33 (August 2004)

Written by: Andrew May
Director: THL Sofia Tyzes
Assistant Director: Lady Cinara Maria Trujillo
Stage Manager: Genovefa Gruber


"The Pilgrims"
Chaucer: Lord Shlomo Korobeinik
The Host: Lord Eirik Bjarnason
Wife of Bath: Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy
Pardoner: Lord Calogero Urso
Miller: Lord Kenna McKenna
Knight: Lord Accolon Shadowhawk
Reeve: Lady Robina MíBaine of Willow Wood
Prioress: Lady Aurora Innesfallen

"The Knightís Tale"
Duke Theseus: Muirgheal inghean Broccin
Hippolyta: Lady Veronica Rosso
Palamon: Puck
Arcite: Lord Calogero Urso
Emily: Brenda of Rivenvale
Herald: Amanda Pakutz

"The Millerís Tale"
Nicholas: Lord Accolon Shadowhawk
Alison: Lady «inara MarŪa de Trujillo
Absalon: Lord Calogero Urso
Carpenter: Lady Aurora Innesfallen
Gervase: Lord Shlomo Korobeinik 

"The Reeveís Tale"
John: Lord Kenna McKenna
Alan: Lord Accolon Shadowhawk
Miller: Lady Erennach ingen ui Ronain
Millerís Wife: Mistress Constance Fairfax
Millerís Daughter: Mademoiselle Genevieve de Saint-Malo 

"Chaucerís Tale of Sir Topaz"
Chaucer: Lord Shlomo Korobeinik
Host: Lord Eirik Bjarnason 

"The Pardonerís Tale"
Proudest: Lady Robina MíBaine of Willow Wood
Wickedest: Lady Maggie McKeith
Youngest: Amanda Pakutz
Tavern Knave: Mademoiselle Genevieve de Saint-Malo
Old Man: Mistress Constance Fairfax
Apothecary: Lady Erennach ingen ui Ronain 

"The Wife of Bathís Tale"
Queen: Lady «inara MarŪa de Trujillo
Knight: Lord Accolon Shadowhawk
Old Woman: Lady Aurora Innesfallen
Jury: Brenda of Rivenvale, Lady Veronica Rosso